How often have you ever felt hurt, wronged, cheated, or deceived? Maybe you were even abused, falsely accused, or bullied. Hurt people, hurt people. Broken people, break people, and people who have had their joy taken away are snatching joy from everyone they come in contact with. Unfortunately, people can be cruel, and it is… Continue reading Forgive


HOPE (Healing Our Perspectives Everyday)

Healing Our Perspectives Everyday Hope is such an important aspect of all of our lives. Hope is the expectation of a better future, life and health. There is a movie called Annie and one of the songs from that movie is very inspiring: “The sun will come out tomorrow…” unfortunately I’ve got to admit, sometimes… Continue reading HOPE (Healing Our Perspectives Everyday)

GRIT-Growing In Resilience Tenaciously

At this moment, there is a battle happening. Can you sense it? Do you see it? In society, the word Grit has negative cogitations to it. It has been defined as the lowest level, the bottom of the barrel, as grimy, dirty filth that should be shunned away. However, Webster's dictionary's definition doesn't depict what… Continue reading GRIT-Growing In Resilience Tenaciously

Did you know there are five Ps that you go through during your Christian journey We all go through things and during these situations or circumstances we either endure, and conquer or we fall, and allow those issues to hinder us from moving forward.  I want to introduce you to the five Ps while walking… Continue reading

May I Have Your….

Have you ever been asked are you listening to me? Or can you hear me? What is the difference? Is listening and hearing the same thing? Well, there’s hearing, and then there’s listening. Hearing is the ability to perceive and receive sounds or information. Listening is actually giving your undivided attention and understanding to the… Continue reading May I Have Your….

Cultivating Intentional Friendships

In any decade, we need quality, healthy friendships. We were built for it. In our most kindred spirits, we see God's grace, love, peace, and power on display. Our own faith blossoms as we witness another's life in Christ. Cherished friendships aren’t made overnight. They require intention, forgiveness, love, and belief in what God is… Continue reading Cultivating Intentional Friendships

Ditch Negative Self Talk

Did you know that your thoughts determine your life? Negative thoughts about yourself whether it be about your hair, skin, stretch marks, failures, or love life; disrespects the woman God hand-crafted us to be. We’re his masterpiece, a work of art to be treated with dignity from others and by ourselves. Negative self-talk is not… Continue reading Ditch Negative Self Talk