My First Love

Guess what? I’m in love.

Yes In Love

In love with the one and only true love of my life

It’s so mesmerizing, inspiring, captivating and intense.

With depths of endless strength, power, and endurance immense

I’m overwhelmed, overjoyed and elated to express

This new found love that has passed every test.

Not only am I appreciated but I’m adored

From the inside out, no critiques to explore

It’s elevating, and scintillating, to say the least

This love has brought me to an unexplainable sense of peace

It’s not real you say…

True love doesn’t exist?

Well, I beg to differ because its right here on my list.

A list you say how can that be true love?

You can’t write down what true love is and expect that to be precise

In truth it is and it’s exhibiting quite nice!

It’s so reassuring to know that this love is not amiss, it’s not fleeting, and it isn’t conditional

You know that type of love that runs if you become positional

This love is everlasting standing the test of time

With no reason or rhyme

This love is all mine

It makes me sweet, generous, meek, tender and kind

This love is so amazing it will blow your mind

It has enhanced my every move

Making me wanna converse with all and schmooze

I can’t stop smiling,

My eyes can’t hide it

I’m permanently lit on fire and I can’t deny it

Contagious affection has been bestowed upon me

Unrestricted, uninhibited, pure gold is what you can’t see

Patiently crafting intricate details just like that

My heart is smiling, my laughter ignited, my dreams expanded as a matter of fact

All this in love

Yasssss and it fits like a glove

This love is ever-present and omnipotent

It’s in everything about me; my embrace, my touch, my beauty, my thoughts, my hair, my skin tone, my voice, my eyes, my legs, and my walk

And I know you hear it in my talk

I know

I know

You can’t stand it any longer

The suspense is growing stronger and stronger

You wanna know who my one true love really is

Well come a little bit closer

I’ll whisper in your ear

It’s not a man, a human, a possession or a thing

It’s too much to describe and it makes me want to sing



I promise I won’t hold you

It’s the greater one that lives on the inside that molds you

My first one and only true love is………..HE!

  1. This is a real heaven sent, As I was reading this, I just knew God wanted me to get one…


2 thoughts on “My First Love”

  1. I love how you share your heart and transparency. You are an awesome writer and poet. 😉 This particular post really speaks to me as I feel the same about our Lord. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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