Don’t Settle for Less

Are you excited about life? Or do you feel as if you’re merely existing, drifting along from day to day without ay sense of purpose or direction?

Somewhere along the journey of life, we become complacent and content in every circumstance. We’ve settled for what we believe is adequate, sufficient or satisfactory. Doing life according to the world’s concepts instead of exerting the effort and work necessary to living a life that’s truly excellent and outstanding.

The truth is; truth can be hard because occasionally we much prefer the lie. It’s so much easier to believe that everything is fine and to find yourself settled and complacent in life. And there are many reasons people can feel stuck, discouraged, or adrift; losing enthusiasm for life; and forfeiting hope, sense of purpose, and peace. One of the main reasons is we drink the proverbial Kool-Aid (brainwashing). This is the stuff fed to us throughout life that is not true, but that people expect us to believe just because they said so. Like you have to acquire a college degree in order to be successful, or you have to have a husband/wife or your life isn’t complete.

The foremost truth behind all this is because many people have lost sight of who God made them to be and what He designed them to do. As a result, countless people are not actively, intentionally, and purposefully pursuing what the Father has planned for them. They rely on self and what the world states is acceptable.

If you truly want to pursue your purpose and reach your full potential in life, then you must face up to these two truths:

  1. God has placed more within you than you realize.
  2. You likely have settled for the life you’re living now.

You must remember that your Heavenly Father sees you through the eyes of love and forgiveness (Eph. 2:4-5). He sees where you are, but He also sees the person He made you to be. God sees all the awesome potential and possibilities He’s created you to fulfill.

If you’re willing to discover and align yourself with His plan and purpose for you, He’ll bless you more than you could ever imagine and open doors of opportunity you never dreamed possible. He’ll restore the joy, peace, and hope you’ve lost and show you the path to the accomplishments He wants in your life. And He promises to bless you with life at its very best.

God has placed you in this time and your current location to allow you to maximize your role in establishing His will “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). If you’ve ever wondered why you’re on this earth, understand that God has placed you here as a unique person with a unique mission aimed at establishing and expanding His Kingdom, and your purpose lies securely and completely in that Devine assignment. So be H.O.T. (Humble Open and Transparent) all while staying on the M.A.R.K. (Motivated Ambitious, Resounding, and Keen!)

The question is, Do you truly believe it? And more importantly…….

Are you ready to get started?


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