Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Heaven’s Heart was created to provide a platform where spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical scorecards are always victorious. S.S.C.C.O.O.O.R.R.E.E.E. (Say it, scream it, think it) This is often yelled with such intent, purpose, enthusiasm, and confidence during every sporting event created. Fans Cheer from the stands with excitement every time their favorite player or team make a winning play. 

Well in the Kingdom of God it is vital that we as Christians have the same if not more intent and purpose as we pick up our cross daily to follow Jesus. Heaven’s H.E.A.R.T. implements the S.S.C.C.O.O.O.R.R.E.E.E concept (Think it, say it, now scream it) by Seeking Sacred Consistent Corners Of Open Objective Resolution and Refuge all while Encouraging and Empowering Everlasting Encounters. Which is apart of God’s desires along with all His people becoming whole, healed, loved, prosperous, and victorious. All this and more is available only by seeking after the things of God. 

This is your time to be bold, courageous, and live life out loud! God is intentional and He has a plan and a purpose for your journey. I pray that as you embark on this journey that each word is sewing copious amounts of seeds that will reap a great harvest in your lives all while bringing you into a genuine place of coming to know your one and only true love, Jesus Christ. 

7 thoughts on “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!”

  1. This is a real heaven sent, As I was reading this, I just knew God wanted me to get one thing “ my thoughts determines my life” I will endure and surely conquer!


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